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This is the campaign homepage for Heroes’ Ascent, a 4E D&D campaign run by Quoniam23. This is a weekly campaign run in the Columbus area. Currently, we’re full, but thanks for your interest.

The Fourth Age

The current campaign takes place during the Fourth Age of Quoin, more than 400 years since the events of the previous game. Powers have returned, but with it came desolation and despair. Destroyers overran many of the capitals of the world, and sent empires into ruin. If it weren’t for the heroics of Brother Leonis, Firuz, Crescendo, and the Harbingers, the whole world would’ve been lost. Fortunately, they succeeded in stopping the Great Destroyer, but at great cost to themselves. Only Crescendo and a handful of Harbingers survived the final confrontation at Binghigahd.

Now the world must deal with ongoing planar conjunctions, most notably one with the Shadowfell. Undead walk openly, causing wanton destruction and bringing despair. People cling to hope that someone will figure out what’s causing the conjunctions and bring them to an end. Who will bring about this earthshaking change? Which heroes will Ascend to the heights of greatness?

The Third Age

The last campaign took place during the Third Age of Quoin. It began some 212 years after the Day of Silence, which marked the end of the Second Age. Rumors swirl as to what caused the Day of Silence, but one thing is certain: the Gods went silent and heroes lost their powers.

Since the Day of Silence, empires and kingdoms have collapsed, having no magic or abilities to support them. The world is comprised of many independent city-states struggling to survive against the encroaching wilderness. Monsters and wild beasts run rampant and threaten the daily lives of normal people. The Eladrin, their cities, and many of the Gnomes disappeared on the Day of Silence. The Elves are stretched thin protecting the Elruunan Forest, without their Eladrin cousins to help.

The game began in the Elven city of Dimlain, with the local Council of Seven deciding to send three representatives, Ainerun Cionaoith, Landrovel Amancair, and Carric Himcairion, to the nearby human city-state of Sebohin to hire adventurers to help protect the forest. The three set off, despite their differences, and found people in their own different ways and different locations. Amongst the adventurers hired were: Leonis, a young follower of Andrikos; Crescendo, a tiefling entertainer; Maveith, a goliath bodyguard; and Mikail Volkova, a former mercenary.

During their travels to the Elruunan Forest, they experienced an earthquake, fights against goblinoids and wolves, heartbreaking losses, and amazing discoveries. Each of the surviving adventurers has found a source of power within themselves; one that hasn’t been seen in over 200 years.

This campaign follows these adventurers as they discover their new-found powers, grieve over fallen friends, defend a nation under siege, seek answers to untold questions, and ascend beyond mere adventurers to the ranks of true heroes.

SC-Heroes' Ascent

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