SC-Heroes' Ascent

2 Weeks after the Big Battle.

As everyone continues to do their duties in helping clean up the land that just went to pieces, you know that Ainerun is much more concerned about the forest than anything else. So he’s helping the Elves as Leonis is helping the Humans, and the rest of you are doing your own thing. About 2 weeks later, each of you receives a note from the town of Dimlain. You open it up and there’s card stock inside the envelope, and it says:


If you can read Elven, or know someone close that can, the resulting translation is:

Ba bhreá le
Siofra Durmenel agus Ainerun Cionaoith
Dá mbeadh sibh
in ann ceiliúradh linn
tráthnóna ár mbainse ag 16 Samhain 212 Tríúaois
Teampall Dimlain

16 Samhain is 6 weeks after this letter was sent, (be sure to add delivery time for your characters), so plan accordingly!



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