SC-Heroes' Ascent

A Most Unusual Meal

When they’d been escorted, for lack of a better word, into the Goblin headquarters, Leonis had been too busy trying to aid Nicole (or whatever her name was) to worry much about anything else.

Now, after dining with the General, Nog’ri, Go’ren, and others, he wasn’t sure what to think, or what to worry about.

They’d been treated fairly and honorably. The General had been surprisingly polite, really, given that they’d been fighting (and killing) so many of his men since they’d journeyed towards Dimlain.

Suddenly, Leonis’ eyes snapped open.

Or were they his men?

Until they’d encountered the Goblin warrior who’d aided them against the first Mesthot, hadn’t all of them been wearing the red hand insignia that the Arcanist had worn?

Does the general know that his ‘Advisor’ has been sending troops out towards Dimlain?

Leonis wasn’t sure how he could ask the question, but he suddenly had a great urge to find out.



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