SC-Heroes' Ascent


The Hobgoblin camp was not noticeably improved by being the site of a pitched battle, Leonis thought. After cutting down the bodies of the goblins’ horrific sacrifices and giving them proper burial, he had gone off to a quiet part of the forest to pray over their spirits after Alain had helped him tend to everyone else’s wounds.

Andrikos, guide their spirits to peace and rest that they did not find in life. Let them bask in your radiance and run in the endless fields, and may they look down upon us and smile as you continue to guide our hands.”

As he walked back to where they were searching through the remnants of the camp before they made their next move, Leonis saw Carric and the other two Elves cluster around the strange woman they had saved earlier, who had commanded such astonishing powers. He’d caught Carric mentioning her as ‘Eladrin’. Could it be? The Eladrin were beings of legend – if they had ever truly existed at all!

On the other hand, an Elf who could turn into a wolf was certainly a being of legend. To say nothing of a Tiefling who could make a Hobgoblin’s head explode by insulting it. And then there’s the matter of a warrior of Andrikos who could call up on his Holy Light to protect his friends and harm the wicked…

Perhaps he wasn’t the right person to determine who was and was not a legend…


Sorry for changing the title – it just hit me after I finished writing it that I was using the totally wrong one.


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