SC-Heroes' Ascent


After finishing the town’s evening meeting, despite the boisterous mood that gripped the town, Leonis didn’t really feel like celebrating. Heading away from the small house near the library which had become his home, he instead walked to the South tower, wanting a bit of quiet, and was surprised to find Cynn.

“Keeping watch?”

“It’s my turn.”

The southern girl seemed to puff herself up slightly as she answered, trying to impress him again. Despite being in a bit of a pensive mood, Leonis couldn’t help but smile just a little.

“Fair answer…but consider yourself relieved – they’re having quite a party in town. I’ll keep an eye on the gates until the next watch.” Cynn gave him a bit of a skeptical look, but she nodded and headed down the tower stairs all the same, leaving the paladin alone with the night sky.

Letting out a long sigh, Leonis settled onto one of the benches atop the lookout post, listening to quiet creaks and clanks as his armor settled against itself.

He’d already been a bit troubled when Brandis had led his friends and sister into town wanting to join ‘Your crusade’. He wasn’t going to turn them away when the children had been in need and had nowhere to go, but the idea of a crusade?

He wasn’t a crusader, was he? He fought, yes. But he fought mostly to defend and to protect, not to conquer or to subjugate. Even the battles he now found himself preparing for against the Yuan Ti and the primordials was more about protecting the world, in a way. He wasn’t looking to try and invade their lands, even if he was beginning to amass something of an army.

The Harbingers go where they are needed, Gutrod had said, They fight when it’s too dangerous for anyone else to stand.

That meant a big responsibility to live up to, and more importantly, it meant they’d have to go a lot more places than Sebohin or the elven lands. Acting like an army of conquest wasn’t going to serve that end.

Worse was the fact that Brandis seemed to think that anyone who didn’t follow Andrikos was a heretic to be attacked – even if (name) had apparently corrected a fair bit of that notion out of his head after Brandis had provoked him into their brief fight, that was the kind of attitude that could do worse than provoke fights in camp – it could easily lead to other cities and peoples not wanting to allow the Harbingers to pass through.

“The light of the sun is for everyone. Andrikos will shine down upon every face, even if they don’t always turn towards him…”

How to explain that to Brandis? He’d tried earlier, but it didn’t seem like he’d really been listening – he was far more interested in hearing his idol praise his zeal than receive a lecture on tolerance.

Admittedly, at his age, Leonis hadn’t been the best at listening to Father Brendan’s teachings, either, but as he got older, he’d realized the value of what his teacher had been trying to show him. But did Brandis have that kind of time? Even if he wasn’t comfortable with Brandis and his friends fighting alongside the Harbingers right now, the fact was that they lived in a city full of powerful individuals…and someone might just take offense at being called a heretic too many times. In particular he could imagine Daar, Berrian, or Content Not Found: sc-pain giving him quite a rough lesson indeed…

He was having an easy time finding problems, but not much of answers in the cool night air. Still, it was at least fairly quiet, and the sounds of the welcoming party that the breeze carried to him seemed to slowly be muting to the noises of Haven generally settling in for a peaceful night…



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