SC-Heroes' Ascent


Since the encounter with Crescendo’s jilted lover, the bounty hunters, and meeting Derek Poundstone, Leonis had spent most of the remainder of the day walking ahead of their wagon and the others, away from the sounds of Morfael tending to the Tiefling’s wounds and the occasional snatches of Firuz’s conversations with the gigantic mountain man, staying there until the skies turned to twilight, and he helped find a good place to set camp and make dinner.

The memory of most of the bounty hunters killing themselves rather than surrendering after the fight was clearly lost was a sour taste in his food.

The sounds of Crescendo taunting the half-elf who he’d apparently loved and left, driving her to attempt to kill both herself and him out of rage spoiled the taste of his drink.

They’d gained…what? A few magical trinkets. The warning that many more would likely be coming to challenge them for the prize on Crescendo’s head. And for that, 5 needless deaths in a pointless fight.

The more he thought about it, the more the anger he’d worked to tamp back down after the fight nagged at him.

Without speaking to the others, he stood, dumped his mostly uneaten food into the ground, and headed for his bedroll. He wanted nothing more than to try to forget the utter waste of the day.



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