Smug warrior of an ancient kingdom


Diverted from a less interesting career that would entail lifting very large stones on behalf of archaeologists, Firuz was recruited, trained and commissioned by the Dragonborn enclave of Al-Khosia to explore and defend the periphery of the known lands.

Firuz quickly fell in with a motley band of adventurers that would soon include the reformed Harbingers organization. Among these people, Firuz served as a combatant, researcher and in more limited capacity, a line of communication between the outside world and Al-Khosia.

Firuz’ rational mind, sociable demeanor and immense physical ability made him a natural town watch organizer and front line fighter. He improved his modest innate charisma and wisdom with patience and open-mindedness. His affinity for reading and transcription was a strong influence on the creation of the Harbingers’ library at Haven, which would come to serve as a crucial intelligence clearing house.

In historical texts and mythic artifacts, typical epithets for Firuz include The Reader, The Conciliator, and Sword-Which-Flies. Firuz is often used as a point-of-view character for retellings of the Harbinger legend.


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