Older, perhaps wiser, and a fair bit sadder, Leonis has grown from a raw and enthusiastic novice to a battle-tested Paladin who must bear the burdens of leadership.


Leonis, level 20
Human, Paladin
Build: Protecting Paladin
Paragon Path: Hospitaler
Background: Occupation – Farmer (+2 to Endurance)

Str 16, Con 14, Dex 11, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 23.

Str 14, Con 12, Dex 10, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 16.

AC: 34 Fort: 33 Reflex:30 Will: 33 – All defenses +2 against charm, fear, and psychic attacks.
HP: 143 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 35

Insight +18, Religion +16, Heal +18, Diplomacy +21, Endurance +15

Acrobatics +6, Arcana +11, Bluff +16, Dungeoneering +13, History +11, Intimidate +16, Nature +13, Perception +13, Stealth +6, Streetwise +16, Thievery +6, Athletics +9

Human: Action Surge
Level 1: Healing Hands
Level 2: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 4: Melee Training (Charisma)
Level 6: Devoted Paladin
Level 8: Improved Initiative
Level 10: Mettle Proven
Level 12: Eye of Judgement
Level 12: Paragon Defenses
Level 14: Warding Shield
Level 16: Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
Level 18: Persistent Challenge
Level 20: Shield Mastery

Bonus At-Will Power: Virtuous Strike
Lay on Hands: Lay on Hands
Paladin at-will 1: Bolstering Strike
Paladin at-will 1: Enfeebling Strike
Paladin Encounter: Divine Mettle
Paladin Encounter: Divine Strength
Paladin Encounter 7: Resurgent Smite
Paladin Encounter 11: Warding Blow
Paladin Encounter 13: Renewing Smite
Paladin Encounter 17: Fortifying Smite
Paladin daily 5: Martyr’s Retribution
Paladin utility 2: Inspiring Fortitude
Paladin daily 15: Bloodied Retribution
Paladin utility 6: Shield the Virtuous
Paladin daily 19: Righteous Inferno
Paladin utility 10: Benediction
Paladin Daily 20: Life-Giving Smite
Paladin Utility 12: Healing Font
Paladin Utility 16: Insightful Riposte

Adventurer’s Kit, Potion of Vitality (Paragon tier) (4), Bag of Holding (heroic tier), Climber’s Kit, Everburning Torch, Rope, hempen (50 ft.) (2), Rations, Trail (40), Radiant Longsword +4, Symbol Of The Champion’s Code +4, Dazzling Plate Rimefire Armor +4, Flameward Heavy Shield (Paragon Tier), Bracers of Defense (Paragon Tier), Floorfighter Straps (Paragon Tier), Breaching Gauntlets (Paragon Tier), General’s Belt (Paragon Tier), Resilience Amulet +4, Casque of Tactics (Paragon Tier), Ring of Protection (Paragon Tier)


Originally from a family of farmers in one of the villages outside of Sebohin, Leonis was a cheerful, bright child who often listened with rapt attention to the stories the priests and traders from the nearby city would tell of other lands and peoples. He spent most of his time in the fields as soon as he was old enough to help his father, but their farm was located to where he could always see the trade caravans coming in and out of the city, and he would imagine what amazing treasures they might hold even as he worked to till and weed.

One day, when he was nearing the age of 12, the village was attacked by a group of bandits seeking to raid them for food and whatever else they could carry off. Fortunately, it was the day of their harvest tithe to the city temples. Several of the cheerful priests who had come to accept the carts full of grain and vegetables turned out to be carrying swords and other weapons under their robes! One in particular, a tall, powerful warrior who dispatched the bandit leader himself, caught the boy’s astonished eye.

After the battle had ended, that same warrior who had protected the villagers spent several hours tending the wounds of both the captured bandits and the defending priests and villagers, before offering prayers for the fallen. The humility and respect for both sides the warrior-priest showed captivated Leonis’ heart, and he found himself asking the priest his name, and if he could teach him to be the same.

After some discussion between the priest and Leonis’ mother and father, he told the boy that his name was Father Brendan, and that he would be pleased to teach him of the Light of Andrikos.

As he grew older, Leonis continued to be fascinated by the stories he heard in the taverns and bazaars about other lands and other races. When the Elven city of Girithin sent emissaries to Sebohin seeking aid, he leaped at the chance to go, along with several other adventurers and men at arms hired in the city. Leaving with two of his friends from the temple, Artaer and Alain, he was one of the first to find divine power awakened within him when their party was attacked.

From that day, he began fighting alongside several other adventurers who found themselves possessed of incredible powers, and eventually became the new leader of the Harbingers as they fought against the threats of the elemental Mursaat and the treacherous Yuan-Ti and their serpent cultists in an attempt to balance the planar temples all across Quoin. He also was forced to deal with the deaths of many close to him, including Father Brendan, Mikhail Volkov, and Artaer, and has found the loss of friends and loved ones a heavy burden to bear.

In a battle at the Temple of Elemental Chaos, the Yuan-Ti were destroyed even as the horrible forces of the Primordial Destroyers revealed themselves as having been manipulating both the Yuan-Ti and the Mursaat. In the aftermath of the battle, Leonis and the Harbingers who were able to escape the temple (including Crescendo, Firuz, Derek, and Hannah) found themselves stranded on another plane, unable to return home, and not even sure where they are…


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