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  • Quoin

    Quoin (pronounced "Quo-in") is the name of the world that is the setting for Heroes' Ascent. It is believed to be the first world created by the gods in the Material Plane. It is a focal point for passages to the Astral Sea, the Feywild, and the …

  • Holdings of Na'Reklok

    The Holdings of Na'Reklok is the name associated with the collection of Hobgoblin city-states in the mountains north of the [[Elruunan Forest]]. Originally, it comprised of minor cities, but has been recently unified by Na'Reklok the Conqueror. His …

  • Drammichar Empire

    The name of the former Dwarven Empire. Since the Day of Silencing, the Empire has fallen apart, but the current Dwarven Emperor seeks reunification and espouses expulsion of all non-Dwarves from his lands.

  • Elruunan Forest

    Otherwise known as the Great Northern Forest, or the Great Elven Forest. Home to Quoin's largest concentration of Elves, and the seat of the [[Council of Seven]]. Formerly home to many of Quoin's Eladrin cities. In recent times has had major …

  • Girithin

    Elven city in the Elruunan Forest. Ancestral home to the Himcairion Family. Was the sole demand of the Holdings of Na'Reklok to avoid a goblinoid/elven war. Currently under siege by a force of goblinoids.

  • Binghigaad

    The Gnomish capital on Quoin. Lies due east of Sebohin. Home to the University of Binghigaad.

  • Dimlain

    Elven city in the Elruunan Forest. Ancestral home to the Durmenel family.

  • Garden of Ys'tan

    The Garden of Ys'tan is all that remains of the Dragonborn Empire. It resides in _a_desert_to_be_named_later_. Despite the downfall of the Empire, it remains a pinnacle of architectural splendor and houses one of the largest collection of books outside …

  • Haven

    A city of fewer than 40 residents that appeared out of nowhere in the Elruunan. Current speculation is that Haven was planeshifted from a demiplane in the Eternal Chaos during an earthquake on Quoin. Haven is currently led by a Tiefling named Leader …

  • Sebohin

    A predominantly human city east of the Elruunan Forest. It's central location and close proximity to the _river_to_be_named_soon_, makes Sebohin a decent trading center for the Gnomes to the east, the Dwarves to the North, and the Elves to the West.

  • Varisin

    An Eladrin city that is the ancestral home of the d'Varis noble family. It, like all Eladrin cities, resided in the Feywild during the Time of Silence, but a Gnomish experiment drew part of the city back into the Material Plane. Unfortunately, an …

  • Vostroyan Military Academy

    A human-run training academy in the Northlands. It has many distinguished alumni, many of whom have gone on to be great military leaders. General Morthok, Commander of the Massed Armies of Na'Reklok, was the first Hobgoblin admitted there. He …