Prophecy of Maccen

The word of Silionwe:

I call upon the agents of Silionwe to bless these words, and through my invocation, I know that I alone was called upon to set these words to page. I alone have been given Silionwe’s blessing to spell out that which has been and that which will be.

In the beginning, there was only that which was, and that which was naught. From this nothing sprung the Eternal Chaos. That which was considered the Chaos, and from this thought sprung conscious chaos: beings known as the Primordials. These Primordials were both great and terrible; beings with the ability to create and destroy; beings of whim and caprice; beings for whom the only constant was change.

In their ever-changing world, they created and destroyed countless objects and lives, but not without escaping the notice of that which was. While that which was considered the ever-changing Primordials, it considered beings of nurture: those that would create and foster. From that thought came two beings: Cho’naam and Yl’gul. The pair harnessed their abilities to separate themselves from the Eternal Chaos, and created their own realm: the Astral Sea.

From their new home in the Astral Sea, Cho’naam and Yl’gul created other entities, each with their own ideas and ideals, in order to aid them should the Astral Sea ever be discovered by the Primordials. That thought proved to be prophetic, as one of the Primordials discovered, and sought to destroy, the Astral Sea. While the assault was quickly repelled, Cho’naam realized that if other Primordials were to assault the Astral Sea, the fight might not go as well. So he came together with Yl’gul and the others in order to find some way of protecting their domain. The decision was made to create ways of limiting access to the Astral Sea.

Together, this group created three main gates to the Astral Sea: the Feywild, the Shadowfell, and the Material Realm. These three realms separated the Astral Sea from the Eternal Chaos, and thus separated these Cho’naam and the others from the destructive tendencies of the Primordials. To further guard themselves, they made each of the three realms inhabitable, including the creation of Quoin in the Material Realm.

Many races and species were created to inhabit Quoin, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell: dragons in the images of Cho’naam and Yl’gul ruled humans, dwarves, and others on Quoin; the Eladrin and Elves, amongst others, dwelt in the Feywild; creatures of shadow and despair dwelt alongside the spirits of the departed in the Shadowfell.

At first, the world of Quoin was safe from the destructive gaze of the Primordials. They had discovered both the Feywild and the Shadowfell, and assaulted both relentlessly. However, one of the Primordials discovered the Material Plane, and realized that Quoin was the key to assaulting the Astral Sea. Thus, the First War of the Heavens began.

This First War was great and terrible. The Gods themselves, alongside their Exarchs, walked the face of Quoin to battle the Primordials. The Primordials were routed by the combined force of the Gods and the Exarchs, and were driven from the Material Plane. Quoin was once again safe from the Primordials, but at a terrible cost: many of the inhabitants of Quoin had suffered great losses in the First War.

Cho’naam and Yl’gul did not wish to see their world so ravaged, and sought the aid of the cleverest of their kin, Seraphina, the Ever-Changing, and K’ssra, the Serpent-Tongued. They devised a way to limit access to Quoin, making the passageways too small for creatures of great power to pass through: the Primordials would not be able to re-enter Quoin, but the Gods would also have to leave. Many did not like this plan, for they wished to directly lead their worshippers. However, Yl’gul forced the Gods from the Material Plane, and Cho’naam set up the new protections. They were restrictive enough that Gods and Primordials were not permitted to pass through, but the Exarchs could. That way, Cho’naam thought, the Gods could still directly influence their peoples. Silionwe prophesied that this would not be enough, and one day, Quoin would go silent because of it.

So, for generations, the Exarchs brought the word of the Gods to Quoin, and the world flourished. Great civilizations rose to power, and empires spanned continents. However, like all good things, this too must come to an end.

Something was sent into the world of Quoin, unseen by the Gods. It watched the world, moved about undetected, and found a land that no God favored. There, it wrought terrible destruction upon the civilization of Tiev’na. The peoples of Tiev’na beseeched the Gods for help, but none came. When the Gods, in their hubris, did not aid the Tievnites, the rulers of Tiev’na struck a deal with Dark Powers from the Shadowfell to turn back the invader. Their people were changed, and the invader was repelled.

Cho’naam saw the change that had been wrought upon the peoples of Tiev’na, and he was angered. Humans had been altered into something horrific, something in the image of the Dark Powers. This change had gone against the laws of the Gods, and must not go unpunished. He sent his peoples to destroy the peoples of Tiev’na, and then had the land itself swallowed up by the sea.

Only Silionwe had realized that something else was afoot. No normal inhabitant of Quoin could have wrought the destruction that the unseen Titan had. So she set her Exarchs and followers to watch for coming trouble.

So, she has spoken to me, warning me to be watchful and speak these words to any who might listen: Something terrible is coming. The world will be ravaged, then the Gods, and the world, will go silent. But be watchful, for when the world finds its voice anew, the Unseen Mover will walk again.

—-Maccen, Prophet of Silionwe —-1348SA

Prophecy of Maccen

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