Name: Seraphina, the Ever-Changing
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Associated race: Human, Changeling, Doppleganger
Portfolio: Change, Trickery
Pronunciation: Sair-a-fee-nah

Seraphina, the goddess of change, is the patron of entertainers, rogues and tricksters. Thus, she is almost always depicted as a rogue of any race. Additionally, she is quite often depicted in costume or hidden beneath a cloak or robes.

During the height of civilization, before the Day of Silence, her worship led to polite treatment of strangers, as no mortal could ever know when she or her servants would call upon them in disguise. Masquerade balls arose as celebrations in her honor.

Her holy symbol is a mask, such as those used in a theatre or at a masquerade ball.


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