Name: Yl’gul, Mistress of All, Seed of Emotions
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Associated race: Dragons, Kobolds
Portfolio: Dragons, feelings, fear, distrust
Pronunciation: Eel-ghul

Yl’gul is one of the first two deities created by that which was, the other being Cho’naam. Each of the two was created as a combination of the Primordials and that which was: both were equally capable of creation and destruction, but Cho’naam was seeded with the pride and haughtiness of the Primordials, and Yl’gul was invested with concern and fear for the safety of her creations.

Thus, the two are ever intertwined: Cho’naam the proud father, mighty and terrible, yet unable to consider the impermanence of reality; Yl’gul the frightened mother, backed into a corner and willing to go to any lengths to protect her creations.

Yl’gul is frequently depicted as a grand chromatic dragon, usually black, but occasionally red or blue. Additionally, in many depictions, she is seen protecting her hoard.


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